How to apply for services from the Edinburg office:

Non emergency applications (we recommend you try both to get through faster):

1-888-988-9996– you can apply via toll free telephone Monday-Thurs 8:30-7:30 and Friday 8:30-5:30. You will complete your entire application over the phone and it will be routed to an attorney for review if you qualify for our services.

(956) 393-6280– you can call this number only on Wednesday mornings starting at 8am to try to get a very limited number of in person appointments in the Edinburg office. If you get through you will get scheduled for the following week and must come in person to your interview.

Emergency applications:

TRLA Edinburg makes our best effort to allow emergency applications to bypass the wait time due to the urgent nature of your case. To qualify for an emergency application you must have a court or administrative hearing date or deadline pending and show us documentation confirming such or you must be in imminent physical danger. TRLA Edinburg reserves the right to decide which case constitutes an emergency. If you think you have an emergency call our front desk at (956) 393-6200 for consideration. We do not recommend just walking in.